So you’re finding great success in the Unclutter Your Nest and Lighten Your Load Boot Camp, but have so much stuff that needs to find a new home. What do you do with all your discards?  I’m here with some answers.

I find it’s always easier to remove stuff from my home when I know its going to someone who will put it to good use.  There are many agencies which will take your gently used items and make them available to those who need it.  If you’re documenting your charitable contributions for tax purposes, here’s a site which gives suggested values of commonly donated items. 

Where to Donate Your Gently Used Items:





Where to Take Items For Recycling:

  • The Earth911 site will provide locations in your area for recycling many items.  
  • Computers and  Electronics
    • Staples, Office Depot and many other local computer repair/sales stores will accept your computers and parts for recycling.  Take out or wipe your hard drive first.
    • Contact your local solid waste/recycling department.  Many have sites that take these items.
  • Compact Fluorescent and Rechargeable Batteries
    • Home Depot and Lowe’s Home Improvement
  • Paint and Fertilizers
    • Contact your local solid waste/recycle department.  Many have sites that these items.
  • Packaging Materials (that popcorn stuff)
    • The UPS store or other local shipping store will often accept this
  • Wire Hangers
    • Dry cleaners will often gladly take wire hangers


Now that you have a list of places to take your discards…keep uncluttering!