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A round-up of all the eye-pleasing and palate-tempting morsels I spied this week.  Enjoy your weekend!

  • Have you tried this trick to peel garlic?  I gave it a whirl and it really worked (and was rather fun)!    If you have a many cloves that need to be peeled, this Saveur tip would be a huge time-saver.  But for just a couple cloves not sure it’s worth it as you end up with 2 bowls that you need to wash.
  • This tutorial on creating a repeating pattern on Photoshop at thejungalow.com (can be used to design your own fabric or wrapping paper) is very enticing, but I definitely need to work on my Photoshop skills.  
  • Looking for a stain to get the weathered gray look from Restoration Hardware?  PrettyHandyGirl.com shares her recipe here.  On my to-do list this weekend.
  • Looking for ways to use up my bumper crop of mint.  This pea soup looks so yummy and spring time-y.
  • I’m a sucker for short ribs.  This recipe at PlatingsandPairings needs to get on my recipe schedule.

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