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 It’s Spring! Which means that we are busy figuring out our container gardens for the Spring and Summer, and possibly even into the Fall. This is the third installment of Container Garden Ideas and Container Garden Recipes; I just can’t help myself! When I see a planter that contains an assortment of plants that work […]

Container gardening basics: Thrillers, Fillers and Spiller Plants. Lists of suggested container plants and container plant combination ‘recipes’ and examples With spring fully here and summer not too far off, my mind is churning with everything garden. I’m planting my vegetable garden and pondering on what plants to add to my flower garden so that […]

Idea for Spring Container Garden, plant combinations plus handy guidance on the Lowe’s plant tags and spring container planting ideas. You may have your doubts, but I do believe that Spring is really just around the corner.  I know…some of you are reading this with snow on the ground or snow in the forecast and […]

Fall Container Garden and Front Porch Ideas using Grocery Store Produce, Vegetables and Herbs I do love a front porch. Especially a big, expansive front porch that invites you to sit and enjoy the world passing. I might not have a ‘big, expansive front porch’, but I do have a small to medium sized front […]

More lovely container garden ideas, inspiration and recipes. Lovely container garden images and plant combinations from thriller plants to spiller plants and filler plants and everything in between. Hello friends! It’s that time again! What time would that be, Lynn? Well silly, it’s time to get our Container Garden ideas on paper, planned and planted…of […]

Just as I love to collect cookbooks and food recipes, I love to find beautiful container gardens and collect container garden recipes!  This time of year we are all trying to get our yards, gardens, decks, and patios in tip-top shape for the summer months.  While I absolutely love working on the garden beds in […]

Hello there friends! I don’t know about you, but I am chomping at the bit to get out and work in the dirt.  I am a wee bit behind in my outdoor gardening tasks. Between weekend trips back and forth to college for our daughter’s spring break, taking my son to visit colleges on his […]

Ah…Spring! Birdsong, bright green leaves and the warmth of the sun! I love all the change of the seasons…except for maybe the beginning of Summer. I am just not a ‘hot and humid’ person and that’s what I know is in store for the next few months. Terry and I pressure washed our driveway this […]

Bon Matin Mes Amis! (figure it’s past time to put to use the years of French that I took through High School and College)  We just finished a lovely week having my baby boy home from college. And in case you’ve been waiting with bated breath on the outcome of my son’s computer that I […]

Happy Monday my friends… October is winding down…in fact, in 4 weeks it will be Thanksgiving week! YIKES! We had overlapping visits from our daughter (and her new bunny) and our sister-in-law this weekend. (p.s….anyone have any good tips for litter training bunnies? We are all ears…get it?!) We celebrated a major achievement with our […]

You know how it feels the day after Christmas: You’ve been counting down to the day for the past year, it came, it was wonderful and then it inevitably had to come to a close? That’s a little how I feel today, the day after Mother’s Day. I know how blessed I am that I […]

Well hello there friends, it’s a Friday AND it’s the first Friday of the month, so let’s get this weekend started with some really useful tips and lifehacks that will hopefully help you save time, money (and possibly most importantly) your fingernails. As a refresher, Five Tips Friday is all about easy life hacks and […]

Well, hello there friends! I hope you are coming off a great weekend. Despite the chilly-ish weather in our area, I spent way too much time stripping the stain off of part of our wooden deck. If you never heed anything I ever write, do heed this…THINK LONG AND HARD AND EXHAUST EVERY OTHER OPTION […]

Are you familiar with AR Workshops? For us creative sorts, it’s a dream come true! This chain of DIY Crafts Boutiques throughout the US caters to DIY-ers with a wide variety of home decor diy projects. Perfect venue for a girl’s night, birthday party, shower and date night.  If you are a regular reader of Nourish […]

Plant a Cutting Garden

by , on
May 3, 2017

Is there anything better than a vase of freshly cut flowers in your home? You can always pick up a bunch of flowers in most grocery stores …which is a good and wonderful thing. But if you can just pop out to your garden and cut your bouquet…well, that is just a ‘gooder’ and more ‘wonderfuller’ thing! Right? […]

Happy Monday my friends, I hope you are starting the new week after an enjoyable weekend. My menfolk were out of town over the weekend, which was an invitation for me to just snuggle down into my home and chill.   But before I did that, I had a whirlwind Friday which included lunch ‘with’ […]