I may be a tad biased, but of all the made up ‘Hallmark’ holidays out there, the one legitimate, well-deserved, in-fact-should-really-happen-twice-a-year holiday is Mother’s Day. Can I get an AMEN!?

In my house, it’s the day I don’t cook, clean or do laundry. The routine is usually that we go to church, go to brunch, come home to sleep off the brunch and then do whatever my mom and I want for the rest of the day, which is typically…nothing. 

Most importantly, I don’t make any decisions other than how many servings of Shrimp and Grits I want at the buffet and do I want lemon bars AND chocolate mousse or lemons bars AND berry cobbler for my dessert. Heck, I may decide to have all three!

In contrast to the 51 other Sunday of the year, that day is unique and is rightfully celebrated. 

Pretty soon now, my sweet family will start prodding me for Mother’s Day gift suggestions.

I’ll probably play coy for a bit, “Oh, you really don’t need to get me anything, your love and devotion is all I want!”

And they’ll be like, “But Mom, we want to get you something! What would you really like, in addition to our love and devotion?

And I’ll continue, “Oh Sweeties, seriously, I just don’t need anything!

They’ll protest, “But WE really want to get you something special!

And finally I’ll succumb to their protestations and say, “OK, if it really means that much to you, let me think….(lengthy pause)…Oh yeah, it just so happens I started a list…here, I’ll get it for you!

Fortunately for my family, I am a woman of many interests! I can’t imagine my family getting to the point where they say, “Mom is so hard to shop for!

And luckily for all of you out there who need to give some Mother’s Day gift ideas to your adoring family or buy gifts for your well-deserving moms, I’m teaming up with some of my gal pals to create gift ideas for all different types of moms with all different types of interests.

We have gift ideas for the health-conscious mom, the gardening mom and the mom who loves jewelry! We’ve got your busy mom and your ‘loves to DIY’ mom covered. Got a mom who is in to Fashion? Yup we’ve got her covered too. And if you feel like pampering your mom, we’ve got some ideas for that!

I have gathered ideas for those like me, who love to be in the kitchen and who get all giddy with kitchen gadgets and other pretty kitchen things. 

Some of these are affiliate links and I will earn a small commission off of the sale of these products, but the price you are charged is not affected. You can see my full disclosure policy here.

Starting off with pretty things…I am in love with the Kastehelmi glassware line from littala.  It is surely on my wishlist for Mother’s Day or any other day for that matter!

And my family always knows that they can add to my Juliska collection. Not only is this dinnerware just flat out lovely, but it is virtually chip proof and is oven, dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe.   It is pricey, but I’ve been slowly growing my collection for years. 

A salt box next to my stove is one of my kitchen must-haves. This one does double duty as both useful and pretty…that functional aesthetics thing.

I’ve been crushing on this utensil jar for a little while now. It’s rustic-y, but not too rustic.

I have a smaller version of this Kitchenaid mixer and while it is 100% functional, I could really use this larger version. Mine is 20 years old and shows no sign of stopping, so I just can’t get rid of it. I’m considering ‘retiring’ it for a bit and stashing it in my attic until Kate establishes her own apartment, thereby making room for one of these lovelies.

One can never have too many of these silicon baking mats

When I worked at Williams-Sonoma, this reamer was one of the best sellers.

And I can’t tell you how many times I use this scale in my kitchen.

Ina Garten’s cookbooks are not only beautiful, but they are always lovely twists on traditional and reliable recipes. This latest one doesn’t disappoint. And reading about the love this couple shares for each other is just another endearing element of this book.

And can one really have ‘too many cutting boards‘? Isn’t that an oxymoron? I use mine for more than just cutting food…they are handy to serve food on, as a trivet, to present a meat and cheese tray and as part of your home decor. I have lovely round one I hang on the wall in my kitchen.


So, those are some ideas to get your gifting juices flowing. What are your favorite kitchen-y gifts to give? I’d love to hear, so do pipe in below.Are you looking for gift ideas for Mother's Day? Here are some great ideas for the Gourmet mom! And I've teamed up with some of my friends to gather Mother's Day gift list ideas for all different types of moms: the busy mom, the heath-conscious mom, the DIY mom, the fashion-loving mom, the jewelry-loving mom and the gardening mom.

Before you go, make sure to stop by and see what my fun things my friends have put on their Mother’s Day ‘gift idea’ lists.


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One last thing, I know I am beyond blessed that I am still able to share Mother’s Day with my mom…trust me, I don’t take it for granted. And while this post has been all about the gifts of Mother’s Day; the best gift of all is that I can this day share it with my mom. 

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  1. Tammy

    April 7, 2017 at 2:11 pm

    Hi Lynn,
    I would be delighted to receive any of the items on your gourmet gift list. So many great ideas! That salt box might just have to find its way to my kitchen. 🙂 Like you I have an old kitchen aide that just won’t die. It has been lovely used for almost two decades and keeps on humming. But…every time I spot the new and improved versions with the larger bowls…I have to stop and drool a bit.

    I hope you have a fabulous Mother’s day my friend!

    • lynn

      April 8, 2017 at 8:09 pm

      I hate to wish ill on my KitchenAid…but …

      And don’t you love that salt box! I might have to treat myself to one as well!

      Thanks for swinging by my friend.

      Hugs, LYnn

  2. Sherry Cole

    April 7, 2017 at 2:31 pm

    Lynn, I love your gift guide and your dishes are to die for. I love that they are so versatile and can be styled differently for a beautiful table. A scale is a must. I use mine when I dividing foods to freeze and also when I am pouring batter into more than one cake pan. Great gifts here!

    • lynn

      April 8, 2017 at 8:01 pm

      Aw thanks my friend…I do love those dishes. And I use my scale all the time, but haven’t divided my cake batter with it! Duh…need to do that! Thanks for visiting!

      Hugs, Lynn

  3. Nicki Parrish

    April 7, 2017 at 2:32 pm

    What fun ideas! I have never heard of a salt box, and must know more. I also love that utensil holder, and have been thinking about getting a new one soon because we are going to be updating our kitchen soon. Great ideas!

    • lynn

      April 8, 2017 at 7:56 pm

      I learned about cold shoulder tops from you and you learned about salt boxes from me…we have the perfect friendship! And don’t you love that Utensil jar…it’s been on my wishlist…I may just have to treat myself.

      New kitchen soon? Oh how exciting!

      Hugs, LYnn

  4. Joy

    April 7, 2017 at 3:34 pm

    This list is wonderful. I love the reamer and salt box. I have never use baking mats but your desserts look so delish- maybe they may help me step up my game?!? Well done my friend!

    • lynn

      April 8, 2017 at 7:52 pm

      Thanks Joy! I love that salt box too! And you are so kind with your compliments. I am so glad you stopped by. Thanks my friend, Lynn

  5. Carol

    April 7, 2017 at 4:59 pm

    I love your selection, Lynn! I still don’t have any of those silicone mats. I’ve been using parchment paper for so long, I guess I don’t even think about getting any. And I love your scale! Mine is ancient (pre digital). These are all great suggestions, my friend!

    • lynn

      April 8, 2017 at 7:45 pm

      Hey Carol, I use parchment too, but it is so handy to have some of the mats. And I have only had the scale for probably 8 years now; but now that I have it not sure how I functioned without it! It is a handy tool.

      Thanks for coming by my friend.

      Hugs, Lynn

  6. Jenny Kavangh

    April 7, 2017 at 5:05 pm

    I love everyone of these Mother’s Day gift ideas. I really want those dishes!!!!! I need to send this to my husband 😉
    Hugs, Jenny

    • lynn

      April 8, 2017 at 7:36 pm

      Hey Jen, I do love my dishes…and it makes it so easy for the family to know what to get me! Thanks for swinging by my friend.

      Hugs, Lynn

  7. Robin

    April 7, 2017 at 5:39 pm

    Lynn, I love the idea of a twice a year Mother’s Day! This is a really fun list of gift ideas! I bet you enjoyed putting it together as much as I did mine. I just love your dinnerware! I bought a new set a few years ago, but they aren’t holding up well, so I will look into yours.

    • lynn

      April 8, 2017 at 7:26 pm

      I know, right? Whose brilliant idea was it to only celebrate Mother’s Day once a year anyway? Clearly no mother was involved in that decision.

      I do love those dishes and highly recommend them. The best thing I can say about them is that not only are they loveley, but they have also successfully withstood the onslaught of my teenage son.

      And I did have fun putting the lists together…virtual shopping!

      Hugs, Lynn

  8. Via B Design

    April 11, 2017 at 2:24 pm

    Thanks for sharing. This article reminded me of mother’s day and it’s great inspiration for getting gifts for my own mother. I really like the utensils cup, but don’t think it will match in our kitchen. I’m thinking about getting that cookbook for her… We shall see. Happy almost mother’s day!

    • lynn

      April 17, 2017 at 8:05 pm

      Thanks for stopping by Kristina! It was fun to prepare this gift list…hope my family is paying attention. I think your mom will very much enjoy the Ina Garten cookbook…all her cookbooks are great.

      Have a great day.

      Hugs, Lynn


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