Spiced Golden Plum Jam Recipe

Happy day my friends!  Hope all is well in your world. I have a delicious recipe for Spiced Golden Plum Jam for you today. Several years ago I began making jams

Blueberry Jam with Chamomile

Hello friends. I’m coming back to you today with a recipe for Blueberry Jam with Chamomile, which is the next installment of the much anticipated Blueberry Chronicles. The first installment

Blueberry Syrup

Hello friends, I hope your week has been summery and lovely. I really love June, all the benefits of summer without all the oppressive heat of July and August.  Plus,

Rum Spiced Pear Jam with Gingerbread Scones

As much as I love living in the coastal Southeast, I do get excited when winter rolls in…if for no other reason than I can wear some of my favorite

Pickled Jalapeno Pepper Rings

My garden harvest was a little s0-so this summer, which is partially due to the fact that we were gone for 3 straight weeks.  My sweet dad did everything in

Nectarine Elderflower Jam

“…jam on a winter’s morning took away the blue devils.  It was like tasting summer.” Prayers for Sale by Sandra Dallas   I know I say it every year, as

Savory Onion Jam

This Savory Onion Jam is the perfect condiment for sandwiches, pizzas and on your meat and cheese platter. I’ve mentioned my stint working at Williams-Sonoma last year.  While it was

Nourishing Chicken Stock: Make Your Own

Several times a year I set aside a couple of days to make and can chicken stock and bone broth.  Granted, the canning part is a bit time consuming, but