Week 6 ORC: The Final Reveal!

Well my friends, I made it. I may be gasping as I cross the finish line, there may be unidentified odors emanating from my refrigerator, which is shocking since there is

Paint + Fabric = New Life to an Old Bench

I was beyond tickled to have an opportunity to use and review the HomeRight Finish Max Fine Finish Paint Sprayer: however,  I was not paid for my opinion and it is entirely my

One Room Challenge : Laundry Room

Kismet (\kiz-met) : fate, a power that is believed to control what happens in the future Do you believe in kismet?  I am a firm believer; in fact, ‘kismet’ is one

Bedroom Ideas: From Tween to Teen Room

I’ve been posting over the past 2 months the projects that have been bits and pieces of Kate’s new bedroom. This has been a fun project for us to do

Roadside Rescued and Up-cycled Office Storage

Or…Every Guy looks good in Tuxedo There’s a first time for everything, well most things anyway.  Stopping in the rain on a well-traveled road to adopt a discarded and unloved

Update a Lamp Base with Spray Paint

If you’ve been following along, you know I’ve set into motion the dominos of updating/refreshing/finishing our guest bedroom.  The bedroom received a major facelift last year when it received new

Updating a Breakfast Nook Chandelier

We have been in our current home, which we designed and built, for 11 years.  It was the first house we ever built and while there are things I would

New life to old chair

 As I’ve said before, there are very few things in life that can’t be improved with a fresh coat of paint.  This poor chair was the most recent candidate for the